We at PRE PRESS AND POST PRESS have been successfully in business since 1981. Growing year on year because of the trust placed in us by Customers and Dealers . We are now one of the INDIA’s  largest manufacturer and exporter  in Book Stitchers, Box Stitchers , Loop Stitchers, Thread Sewing Machines, Lamination Machines, Die Punching Machines and Perforating & Creasing Machines. We find dealer sell & buy our machinery all over the world and have a most comprehensive database of machines available and customers ready to sell and buy.

Using our own fully trained and exceptionally experienced team of engineers and handling transactions on the customer's behalf from the Start to End, and giving the most comprehensive service available to sellers and buyers . Whether you are looking to in invest Pre-press and  Post press machinery - do get in touch with us and find out why we are still successful since 1981.

We have our company,s   representative IN SOUTH AFRICA , INDIA,  EGYPT, ISRAEL, SYRIA, DUBAI AND MALAYSIA. this is pride of our company,s  all dealers and coustomers are saticified with our products.

All parts of our machines are standardized and interchangeable for easy maintenance and smooth working